Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year’s Resolution anyone? Get off the phone and enjoy the NOW. 


Must see - and so very true. 2014 will be officially the year of the backlash:)))

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"…chew on this: Snapchat wasn’t built to be a super secure messaging platform. The whole reason for the self-destructing pictures isn’t to keep your titty shots safe; it’s to create a new type of sharing wherein you live in the moment, not in the digital footprint you leave behind."

Incredible to have such a philosophy in today’s 21st century, internet-crazed world :)
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The Scrollwheel - Story of a UX Researcher/Designer’s Life. 

When you want someone to do something on your app, interface and product and they just can’t get it….even thought it is so OBVIOUS!

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Technology is culture; it is not something separate; it is no longer “I.T.”; we cannot choose to have it or not. It just is, like air.

We can’t say technology is unnecessary anymore. It’s a vital component part of our work, education, hobbies and relationships. There’s no escaping it.

Dan Hill, On the smart city; Or, a ‘manifesto’ for smart citizens instead

I love the ‘technology just is, like air’ concept. Brings to mind the notion that fish don’t see the water they swim in. We have reached a turning point where tech is so deeply embedded in our culture, like language, clothing, and buildings before it, that its role is as central as those, and now perhaps more so.

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